While the market is usually filled with several big name carriers, we have experience working on many different types of systems. Thus, while we can suggest some of the best systems we know of, we will also work with you to ensure you are getting the most affordable solution tailored to your needs. Contacting us for a consultation is the best route to take and let us help guide you through the process. There are a lot of questions that a customer looking for Heating and Cooling Installation, Replacement, Repair, Maintenance and Design may ask. Here are some FAQ’s and answers to help guide our potential clients:

How Frequently Should I Change my Filters?
  • Change your filters every few months (especially during heavy-use seasons) Not changing the filter this frequently can create unneeded strain on your system.
How Loud will my System Be?
  • You have to live with it! System sound is measured in bels. The higher the bels, the louder the system. Consult with your technician prior to purchase
How can Making Air Right help control my gas bills?
  • Be sure to ask about Efficiency ratings on Gas Furnaces. The higher the AFUE rating, the lower your gas bills should be.
How can Making Air Right help to control my electric bill?
  • Be sure to ask about Efficiency ratings on Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners. The Higher the SEER rating, the lower your electrical and gas bill should be.
How do I determine the Best Contractor?
  • Obviously we thing Making Air Right is the best choice to assist you in your Heating and Cooling needs, but surely this is a big decision. Make sure that your technician can effectively answer questions about your system and is educated on best practices. Also, make sure that your technician is interested in helping you keep your system maintained for years to come. You shouldn’t look at this is a one-time deal. How can you proactively get the most life out of your Heating and Cooling system? This is an investment; make sure that your technician is prepared to create a partnership to help protect that investment.